Women's Gift Guide

Don't know what to get the adventurous women on your list? Check out our newly created Skiis & Biikes Gift Guide.

Shop 2015 Kjus

2015 Kjus now in stock. If you want the best in warmth, weight, waterproof, and breathable check out this amazing European brand.

Lenz Heated Ski Socks

Lenz Heated Socks Check your phone, what temperature are your feet? Can't do this? Well, let us introduce you to Lenz.



Smartwool socks are always a good choice.

  What kind of socks do you wear skiing?  It sounds pretty trivial, but there are a lot of ways to do socks wrong.  There are also a lot of ways to do ski socks the right way, but we’ll let that debate rage on.   First of all, let’s ...

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Salomon Boots.

  This might seem entirely obvious, and we don’t mean to be condescending, but if you are buckling your ski boots from the bottom up, we need to talk.   Ski boots are the near polar opposite of shoes in every category except for fact tha ...

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Atomic Bent Chetler Mini

  I remember hanging out in ski shops as a kid dreaming of the time when I could finally upgrade to the real skis.  The kid’s skis at my disposal were severely lacking in style, design and functionality.  It always seemed like there was an ...

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