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At Skiis & Biikes we lead the bike industry in innovation, whether through the science of bike fitting, customer service or bicycle tuning and maintenance, we are constantly innovating.

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At Skiis and Biikes we lead the ski industry in innovation, whether through the science of bootfitting, customer service or ski and snowboard tuning, we are constantly innovating.

The best ski tune-ups in Canada
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With our Swiss partner, Montana, we have updated all of our tuning facilities with five new robots in the last 12 months. All five robots employ the same mechanisms that result in a perfectly smooth and precisely managed structure. The edges are polished leaving only a smooth sharp edge, free of burrs which cause hooking and catching.

In addition, all five machines can perfectly tune snowboards. These are the only machines in the world that can robotically tune a snowboard.  It will put a fast structure on the base while leaving it slightly raised so that the board can drift and not hook.  The edges will be beveled and polished sharp so the board won’t hook, catch or be over-sharp but will hold on ice like never before.

5 Montana Robots

Spread across Canada to maintain those bases from East to West.

The machine grinds off about the same amount of base material as your fingerprint.  Our tests have shown that if you grind your skis regularly, it will take 20 years to grind through your base. Getting your skis or board sharpened and base ground will make your skiing and boarding experience safer.

- 80% of your speed comes from a flat, structured base and only
- 20% comes from waxing.  It’s best to do both.

You will experience more hold on icy days and less walking to get to your favorite power run. Fast base glide means less time on transitions.

How it Works:

Base Grind Ski Tuning Phase 1 - Skiis & Biikes

Base Grind: An extra wide grinding stone allows the robot to do a pair of skis or one snowboard at a time. This process takes off a very fine layer of base material, cleaning minor scratches and printing a glide-enhancing structure in your base.

Side Edges Ski Tuning Phase 2 - Using our Montana Robot at Skiis & Biikes

Belt Grind: The Montana’s next generation measurement and guidance systems allow its tuning side edge belts to engage at the precise position, angle and pressure, in order to take off the correct amount of material. This gives your skis or board the right amount of edge hold, necessary for those icy spots on the hill.

Base Edge Grind - Ski Tuning Service from Skiis & Biikes - Best Alpine Ski Shop

Base Bevel (HTT): Using a diamond bedded stone the base edge is polished the full length of the ski at the desired bevel angle without burring the edge.

Waxing Pahes 3 of Ski Tuning Services - Best Alpine Ski Shop

Waxing: We then wax and buff the skis to gliding perfection.


Ski & Snowboard Service Rates

Service Provided



$40/ 1/2HR

BINDING MOUNT - 1 Piece or More Bought From S&B


BINDING MOUNT - Bought Elsewhere


BINDING ADJUST - 1 Piece or More Bought From S&B


BINDING ADJUST - Bought Elsewhere




SNOWBOARD MOUNT - With Boot Set-up




KIDS TUNE  (Ski Under 130cm)


























Bootfitting Services - from Skiis & Biikes

Bootfit Guarantee 

Our Guarantee is that you will have comfortable fitting, best preforming boots for the entire season and if not we will do everything to make them that way.

The Fischer Vacuum Boot - Skiis & Biikes Bootfitting Service

The Fisher Vacuum Boot

In my opinion, the key moments in the history of the ski boot are the introduction of plastic shells, buckles, liners that are separate from the shell, standardized boot soles and foot orthotics specifically for ski boots.  I did not mention foam injection, soft shell, liner heat molding, or a host of other attempts as they either did not work or were minor improvements to the existing.

Picture a ski boot shell formed exactly to your foot.  That is what a Fischer Vacuum boot does.  The special plastic shell is heated to a specific temperature then compressed around your foot so the shell takes the form of your foot.  The process takes only 30 minutes and the result is the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed in my 40 years of fitting boots.

Technology comes and goes in this business and when you see as much as I have, you become very skeptical.  Fischer gave me a pair of these Vacuum boots last spring, late in the season, I had them “Vacuum” molded in 28 minutes then got on a plane and spent the next 10 days skiing Whistler.  I figured I would fiddle with them and get them perfect over the 10 days.  I did nothing to them, nothing.  They fit perfect right from the first gondola to the end of the 10 days.  I hiked, traversed, skied steeps, ripped groomers, did it all and the boots were perfect, perfect … did I say they were perfect?  They were super comfortable but gripped my heel and wrapped my foot so I skied with totally confidence.  Another amazing thing about the plastic, no matter how cold it got the flex of the boot didn’t change much.  They didn’t get super stiff.

The 28-minute fit process went like this:  I put my foot beds in the liner; I put a couple of pads under my socks where I know I have issues; when the shells were heated up, I put my foot and liners in the shells.  We wrapped the shell with the compression bags and when the shells cooled down, I was done.  When I put them on first day in Whistler, I was totally blown away by how comfortable they were and on my first run I knew Fischer had just changed the way boots will be fitted.

It made me sad as all the challenges of fitting the impossible foot, the fun of making sure my customer’s feet were comfortable, that the performance of their boots matched them, all the hours of fitting someone’s boots perfectly, all those challenges are now gone ….  I was only sad for a minute!

Fischer Vacuum boots can only be found and fitted at the three big Skiis & Biikes’ stores in Ontario, Vancouver, and Whistler.   Call us today and set up an appointment to get yours today.  They are in limited quantity this season.

Chris Van on what it means to be the "BEST"

Chris Van, Bootfitter - Our Top Bootfitter at Skiis & Biikews

Right outside your door, close to where you live and where you ski, are some of Canada’s best boot-fitters. Whether you live in vertically challenged Ontario or in free and easy BC, you have access to some pretty amazing people who care about your skiing experience.

Your ski boots are the most important part of your ski equipment.  If your boots hurt then skiing is no fun.  At Skiis & Biikes - SnowCovers our focus is on boot-fitting which means hiring and training the best boot-fitters possible.

Being the ‘best’ bootfitters in Canada doesn’t mean that we just have all the crazy, wild, out there, latest and greatest techniques. To truly be the best boot-fitter, you have to CARE.  We actually CARE if your second toe is an inch longer than the others, we CARE if you have bunions, we CARE about your feet and how they integrate into your ski boots.  We focus on making your boots as comfortable as possible but still performing at the level you want them to.

At Skiis & Biikes - SnowCovers, bootfitting is our specialty and focus to grow and sustain our business.  When purchasing a boot from any of our 7 stores in Ontario or Vancouver-Whistler, you will receive the same service by one of our well trained, experienced staff.  They have many ways of adapting a boot to your wonky foot, including foot-beds, stretching, grinding, heat molding or as complex as boot verticalization with canting and lots more.  But most importantly, these people are experienced to choose the right boot to fit the shape of your foot and your skiing abilities.  Our boot-fitters fit anyone from a World Cup athlete to a 2 year old and everyone in between.

We have over 25 top bootfitters with over 300 years of total experience. We have 7 stores located where you live and ski. Each store has the same passion and drive to make your boots the best. We guarantee every boot fit, and the guarantee is good at all Skiis & Biikes - SnowCovers locations, not just where you bought them. We are not happy unless you are happy. Put your trust into one of our caring bootfitters and you will understand why they are considered the ‘BEST’.

Erin Keam on Bootfitting

Erin Keam, Manager of our Whistler Store & A Top Bootfitter at Skiis & Biikes

Resident bootfitter/mad scientist Erin Keam from Skiis & Biikes Whistler tells what it’s like to boot fit at the base of a mountain

Bootfitting in Whistler B.C. to me is like being a mad scientist with the keys to the most advanced laboratory and then told to “go wild”. Where else can you fit a ski boot for a client in the morning, have them test it on two of the greatest ski resorts in the world and in the afternoon use the skiers’ personal feedback to tweak the boot to perfection? Whistler is an amazing place where people from all over the world come to visit and bring us new challenges every day.

I recall an instructor introducing me to her client. She was a timid, low intermediate skier, unsure that new boots were the answer to her problems. The client produced an ancient pair of Nordica’s that I noticed right away were obviously too big and could have been in a ski boot museum. I pulled the liner from the boot as she removed her socks and we started with a simple shell sizing.” WOW”, I saw a big box, commission sales’ staff comfort fit with three fingers behind her heel as she stated that she had never felt “connected” to her skis. We had a problem, so I measured her “actual” foot, unlike her previous fitting experience and explained how a proper fitting boot should feel. I grabbed a two size smaller Lange Exclusive RX 90 off the shelf, of course an insole and let her try them on.  I did a few small adjustments, told her what to expect the next day and she set off to conquer the ski hill.

I arrived to work the next day and there she was with a huge smile on her face and what seemed to be her entourage.  She gushed about her huge skiing breakthrough, and then introduced me to her husband and daughter. The daughter a petite but athletic girl wore boots as stiff as some elite racers on the hill, Dads’ boots were way too big and away we went once again. I decided on Atomic Hawk 120’s for the dad almost three sizes smaller, Lange Comp 90’s for the daughter and of course a set of insoles for them both.  I sent the entire family off to ski, encouraging them to enjoy their new boots on the snow.

The following morning while skiing I heard a person calling my name and came to a stop.  Mom, dad and daughter came skiing excellently down the steep knoll of a run they had never skied in the ten winters they had been visiting Whistler/Blackcomb with huge smiles on their faces. Their instructor slid up beside me and thanked me for allowing her to now take this family places she had wanted to show them for years. I spent a few days ripping up the hill and apparently my family had come by to see me on my days off. In the store was a beautiful card, an expensive bottle of wine, and heartfelt thanks for making their ski vacation amazing. In the card they told me of skiing every day with no rest days for sore feet, boasted about their ski technique progress, their new found confidence and agreed it had been the best skiing vacation ever.

"I love nothing more than solving the many boot fitting challenges Whistler offers every day. In Whistler you might say it’s a boot fitter’s heaven, and around every corner an opportunity for me to make someone’s dream for comfortable boots come true."