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Montana Crystal Glide Ski Tune-up $50
Add Base Repair add $10
Core-shot repair $10/cm
Montana Crystal Glide Snowboard Tune-up add $10
Hot Wax $20
Ski Flat Mount: all outside parts (ski, boot, binding) $50
Ski Flat Mount: 1/3 bought parts $25
Ski Flat Mount: 2/3 parts bought FREE
Ski Binding Adjustment $20
Track binding install and adjusted $25
Epoxy Work (price based on scope) $25+
Ski shop service rate $80/hr

bike-fittingSpecialized Body Geometry Bike Fit

We are excited to offer a complete Body Geometry bike fitting and bike sizing program in Collingwood. Dave Ryan is our certified BG bike fitter.

Fitting Articles:
Saddle Sizing

Call 705-445-9777 to book an appointment today.

Full 3 hrs Guaranteed Bike Fit $300
Bike Sizing $50


S&B Bike Tune Packages Either Or Both Plus Complete ProTune ProTune Plus
*parts not included $20 $40 $60 $80 $120
Safety inspection X X X X X
Brake - cable tension, shoe height, and angle checked or adjusted. Center orientation confirmed. or X X X X
Gears - Derailleur and cable tension checked or adjusted. or X X X X
Tire Pressure - filled to max stated pressure X X X X
Chain cleaned and lubricated X X X
Frame and components are given a standard cleaning without removal, bike must be in a reasonably clean condition to start X X
Adjust hubs and headset X X X
Standard wheel truing X
New cables installed X X
Frame Deep cleaning with component removal X
Advance Wheel Truing X

*Both Plus includes Lifetime Tune-ups.

A La Carte price
Tire or tube install - includes tube, not tire $17
Wheel build per wheel, price from $45
Wheel true per wheel, price from $20
Hub adjustment per hub $15
Hub overhaul per hub $20
Spoke replacement (spokes and nipples not included)
Chain installation-chain not included $15
Bottom bracket replacement $40
Cable and housing replacement $20
Brake Adjustment cable tension, shoe height, and angle checked or adjusted. Centre orientation confirmed. $20
Brake bleed $20 per end
Headset adjustment $15
Headset overhaul $25
Bar tape installation Tape and end plugs extra $20 per end
Kickstand install $8
Rear rack install $15
Bike boxing $50
General repairs $60/half hour
Full Overhaul $250
All components are removed, deep-cleaned, and overhauled. Frame is cleaned and waxed.
Components are lubed/greased, reinstalled using new cables and housing, and adjusted.
Advanced wheel-truing included. Bars are re-taped (cost of tape is extra).
 Installation of any additional parts and accessories included. Tires are inflated. Bike is safety checked.

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